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About Venus Solar Heaters


Venus Solar Water Heaters! a truly International quality product manufactured useing highly efficient Evacuated Tube Collector system enabling optimal utilization of solar energy. The PUF insulated stainless steel storage tank prevents heat loss.Venus Solar Water Heaters dramatically cut electricity bills, help conserve energy and are environment friendly. (LPD-Litre per day).They are available in 100 Lpd,200 Lpd,300 Lpd,500 Lpd and 1000 Lpd for domestic use, and are easy to install and last a lifetime.Venus solar water heaters are also manufactured for industrial applications that is for pool heating Large hotels, factories, pools, hospitals and etc. Available in 2000 LPD, 3000 LPD, 4000 LPD, 5000 LPD, and also according to the customer requirements.

Solar Water Heater Details

Price of Solar Water Heater Chennai (Evacuated-tube solar collectors)

Sl. No. Capacity** Price in Rs *
1 100 LPD SV-304L 20,500
2 100 LPD SV-316 24,500
3 200 LPD SV-304L 36,000
4 200 LPD SV-316 41,000

**Higher capacity is available
MNRE / TEDA certified and approved product dealer.

Sl. No. Capacity Electricity
Per Year In Units Per Year In Rs.
1 100 LPD 2428 7212
2 200 LPD 4856 15912
3 300LPD 7284 24612
4 500LPD 12140 42012
5 1000LPD 24279 85512
6 2000LPD 48558 172512
7 3000LPD 72837 259512
8 4000LPD 97116 346512
9 5000LPD 121395 439512
10 10000LPD 242791 868512

Vacuum Tube Collector Technology

Evacuated tube collectors are a way in which heat loss to the environment, inherent in flat plates, has been reduced. Since heat loss due to convection cannot cross a vacuum, it forms an efficient isolation mechanism to keep heat inside the collector pipes. Since two flat sheets of glass are normally not strong enough to withstand a vacuum, the vacuum is rather created between two concentric tubes. Typically, the water piping in an evacuated tube collector is therefore surrounded by two concentric tubes of glass with a vacuum in between that admits heat from the sun (to heat the pipe) but which limits heat loss back to the environment. The inner tube is coated with a thermal absorbent. Flat plate collectors are generally more efficient than evacuated tube collectors in full sunshine conditions

Flat plate Collector Technology

Flat plate collectors are an extension of the basic idea to place a collector in an 'oven'-like box. Here, a pipe is connected to the water tank and the water is circulated through this pipe and back into the tank. The water tank is now outside the collector that only contains the pipes. Since the surface-to-volume ratio increases sharply as the diameter of a pipe decreases, most flat-plate collectors have pipes less than 1 cm in diameter. The efficiency of the heating process is therefore sharply increased. The design of a flat-plate collector therefore typically takes the shape of a flat box with a robust glass top oriented towards the sun, enclosing a network of piping. In many flat-plate collectors the metal surface of the pipe is increased with flat metal flanges or even a large, flat metal plate to which the pipes are connected. Since the water in a flat-plate collector usually reaches temperatures much higher than that of an ICS, the problem of radiation of heat back to the environment is very important, even though a box-like 'oven' is used. This is because the 'delta-t effect' is becoming important.However, since water colder than the ambient temperature is heated, these collectors are efficient for that specific purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

+ 1.Is it very expensive?

A: When compared to an electric heater the Venus solar heater may sound slightly expensive. But a solar heater will pay back its investment in 2-3 years, through recurring energy savings.You may also be eligible for rebates on your electricity bills in some states.

+ 2.What could happen if water supply is irregular?

A: Incase cold water supply is interrupted during the day , the heating of water by the solar system may not be affected significantly, although hot water cannot be drawn for use till the water supply is restored.

+ 3.Will I get power and hot water from this system?

A: No, Solar hot water panels only heat water. They do not generate electricity from sunlight. As the sun hits the glass tubes in the panel, water gets heated and flows back into the tank. Solar electric panels are made of silicon and convert sunlight directly into electricity. They are different from solar hot water panels.

+ 4.What will happen on cloudy days?

A: The ETC model solar water heater will continue to function even on cloudy days due to heat absorption from the infrared rays of sunlight. Efficiency would be affected, however, on rainy days.

+ 5.Can I get hot water during early morning when sun is not there?

A: Hot water produced by the solar system during the day is stored in an insulated storage tank. The insulation of the tank is such that the water remains hot without significant drop in temperature for around 24 hrs. Thus water heated during the previous day is available for use the next morning.

+ 6.What are the Maintenance requirements?

A: Venus ETC solar water heating systems do not need significance maintenance. The collector tubes may need annual cleaning to remove accumulated scale and sediment deposits at the bottom. The system is resistant to adverse effects of weather as it is made of stainless steel.

+ 7.Can I use Hot water from the solar water heater in the evening or night?

A: Using the Hot water in the evening or night will result in hot water being unavailable the next morning as the system will not heat water overnight. If you wish to use hot water in the evening too, then choose a larger capacity of solar water heater that meets your needs.

+ 8.What is the expected life of a solar water heater?

A: Venus ETC solar water heaters can last for 15-20 years depending upon the general upkeep.