Zodiac Electronics Display

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Multi Counter Display / Queue Management Display / Bank Token Display

Multi Counter Display with an option to connect to computer through RS 232 communication. Featured with expandable 64 counters with enhanced displays.Widely used in banks, hotels, pharmacy, railways, hospitals and in many queue management specific areas across Tamil Nadu.Best bank token displays in India.


  • Expandable up to 64 Counters
  • Imported High Bright FND Displays
  • RS-232 Communication
  • Voice Announcement with Alert Bell
  • Option to Connect with Computer
  • Industrial Push Switches for Long Life
  • Option to Connect with Token Dispenser
  • Option for Bulk Payment Separate Token

Electronic Rate of Change Display

Electronics Rate Of Change Display are used to show customer the interest rate(used in banks). Electronic Rate of Change Display are widely used in banks across Tamil Nadu.Comes with an remote operation and also eliminates the need for a battery with life long memory backup. Some of our customer are Indian Overseas bank,State Bank of India(various Branches in Tamil Nadu).


  • AC 230V, 50HZ Power Consumption 10 watts
  • Life Long Memory BackUp (No Battery)
  • Manual and Remote Operation
  • 1" High Bright Bold FND
  • Aluminum Powder Coated Cabinet
  • Microprocessor Based Maintenance Free Circuit

Token Dispensing Machine

Token Dispensing Machine used to dispense token.Zodiac electronics token dispening machine uses themal printer,so no need for ink catridge.Easy to maintain and Counter set back to 0 on the next day. Widely used in banks and hospitals across Tamil Nadu.


  • Heavy Duty Thermal Printer
  • Installed with Auto Cut mechanism
  • Automatic Reset by “0” Hours
  • Strong Powder Coated Metal Cabinet
  • Option for Bulk Payment Token Switch

Moving Token Display

Moving Token Display used to display moving message for advertisements.Comes in Dot Matrix and LED moving displays with key board and PC interface.


  • Dot Matrix Display Modules, LED Displays.
  • Key Board or PC Interface Models.
  • Ultra Bright LED’s for Outdoor Use.
  • Graphics/Pictures appear in Larger Mode.
  • Micro Computer based Maintenance Free Circuit .
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Cabinet.